18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Near Me

18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Near Me

You have many options if looking for an 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Near Me. Continue reading to find out more about Martin W. Edelman and Darren T. Moore. They each have proven themselves to be top-notch attorneys and have won countless cases. Choosing an 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Near Me could be your best choice. These lawyers have years’ of experience helping victims of trucking accidents.

Darren T. Moore

Darren T. Moore in New York City is a good choice if you need an attorney to represent your case regarding truck accidents. The founding injury lawyer of Moore Law Firm, Darren T. Moore, understands the laws and regulations governing truck accidents. Moore has assisted clients to recover millions in damages and is an affiliate of the American Association for Justice as well the New York State Trial Lawyers Association.

Martin W. Edelman

If you have suffered an injury in an 18 wheeler accident, you should contact an experienced lawyer for representation. Edelman & Edelman are a Manhattan law company that provides representation to victims of negligence. You can have them collect evidence to hold those responsible accountable. Edelman & Edelman concentrates on 18 wheeler accident cases, semi-truck accident claims, and moving van accidents. Martin W. Edelman (the co-founder) is an internationally renowned attorney who specializes in brain injury cases. In 1977, he earned his Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School and was licensed to practice law in New York in 1978.

Ava L. Zelenetsky

Ava L. Zelenetsky (New York) is an attorney. Super Lawyers has recognized her since 1999 when she was made an official member of the Bar. Queens College is where she studied law before attending university. Her graduation was with magna lode. Zelenetsky & Associates P.C., was where she began her legal career. In 2003, she founded Zelenetsky & Associates, P.C.

Rosenberg & Rodriguez PLLC

It is crucial to find a competent lawyer who can represent you after a truck crash. There are likely to be endless medical costs and you could lose your ability to make a living. The accident victim can hold those responsible accountable. Rosenberg & Rodriguez PLLC offers a complimentary consultation. For a free consultation, we will review your legal rights to help you obtain the financial recovery you are entitled.

Buckvar & Buckvar

Buckvar & Brucker is a law firm that has been helping injury victims for decades. New York City’s personal injury lawyer, Buckvar & Brucker, specializes in trucking accident cases. The firm’s attorneys investigate and assess the damages caused by trucking accidents as well as other kinds of accidents such as construction accidents and medical malpractice. Richard H. Abend is a New York Top Trial Lawyer under 40. Additionally, he has been admitted to Connecticut practice.

Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein

An experienced lawyer can help you make the right decision in your case. Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein is a well-respected accident law firm that has devoted itself to advocating for the rights of truck accident victims. They have assisted clients to recover over $100 million through settlements. Their Spanish proficiency means they are able to help in Spanish.

Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman

Lipsig Shapey Manus is a law firm that has been representing truck accident victims for over 80+ years. Their goal is to get the maximum settlement for clients or win a verdict by a jury. Their reputation is well-known in the legal community. They have been awarded millions of dollars on behalf of their clients. If you are in need of an 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Near Me, contact Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, P.C.

Joseph H. Nivin

You may be entitled to compensation if you have suffered severe injuries in an 18-wheeler collision. Our firm, the Law Offices Joseph H. Nivin is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of victims of trucking accidents. Our team of attorneys has over 75 years of combined experience and has successfully recovered over $100 million for victims of trucking accidents. Spanish speaking attorneys serve Spanish-speaking communities.