Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents often result in injuries that range from minor scrapes to life-threatening emergencies. While it is imperative to seek medical care immediately following a car crash, symptoms of a serious injury may not show up for days or weeks. This leaves victims with no way to know what medical bills they are liable to incur until weeks or months after the incident. As a result, some victims choose to contact car accident attorneys to explore their legal options.

There are two common scenarios in which car accidents can lead to claims for property damage and personal injury. One scenario involves a car accident that causes only property damage and the person at fault files a personal injury claim. This is an extremely difficult situation because the person at fault likely knows the injuries suffered are exaggerated. In addition, the other person probably chose to leave the scene without reporting the accident to police. Once this happens, the victims are left in a “you say, we say” situation.

Regardless of the cause of your accident, you should retain the services of an experienced NYC car accident attorney. If your injuries were significant enough, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party. However, if your injuries were less severe than the threshold for filing a lawsuit, you may be able to recover additional compensation. A qualified attorney from Shaevitz & Shaevitz can assess the extent of your injuries and help you determine how to proceed with your claim.

Insurance companies do not support car accident victims and may even try to minimize their compensation. In such a situation, a qualified attorney will be able to fight for the compensation you deserve. Many insurance companies will try to minimize the compensation they pay out by arguing fault or minimizing the injury severity. Even if you are compensated fairly, you may have to seek compensation from other sources if your injuries are severe enough. The compensation you receive will be based on the level of damage caused by the accident.

Although the damages you may be able to receive from a car accident vary by state, they are still possible to recover. If the accident caused significant damage to your car, a lawsuit may be necessary. If the other driver has denied fault, you may be able to recover compensation from the other party. In addition to a lawyer’s expertise in this area, a car accident attorney will help you determine whether you are eligible for compensation.

Car accident attorneys often work with medical experts who can determine the severity of your injuries and prepare a detailed medical report. The expert will then be able to explain to a jury what caused your injuries. Remember, never admit fault unless you have suffered significant injury. The law allows for comparative fault. If you don’t want to admit fault, you should not make any statements to the other party’s insurance company. If you don’t have no-fault insurance, you may be eligible for compensation.

The insurance company may attempt to deny coverage because of the delays in your symptoms. If you are hurt in an accident, you may require assistance with daily activities such as bathing and dressing. In some cases, you may be left permanently paralyzed, or severely disfigured. You may also face mental and emotional difficulties. Often, you may not realize that you’ve been injured in a car accident, but the insurance company may claim that you were in another incident and thus are not eligible for compensation.

The best car accident attorneys have a proven track record of success. A few of them are listed below. They have a high success rate, with many obtaining millions of dollars in compensation for their clients. You can contact them today for a free case evaluation and consultation. It’s important to contact a local car accident attorney as soon as possible. A local car accident attorney can help you file a case and get the compensation you deserve.

In addition to seeking immediate medical treatment, a delay in diagnosis can hurt your claim for compensation. It may hinder your case later when your doctor refers you for physical therapy, imaging tests, or surgical procedures. Insurance companies can use gaps in treatment to deny your claim by arguing that you were not injured at all, or the injury is not serious enough to require medical intervention. A delay in treatment may cause you to lose crucial evidence.