Dozens of accidents reported, avoid driving tonight if possible

The snow totals have led to a less than appealing nighttime commute, so stay in if you can.

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3 Replies to “Dozens of accidents reported, avoid driving tonight if possible”

  1. you know why there are dozens of accidents? Here’s why: People Speed up when they should slow down AND the city of Denver having the # of citizens and the high tax+ cannabis…STILL CANNOT properly plow or treat the roads. They only plow minimally leaving a thin layer of snow which leads to ice. They don’t truly treat the roads. They rely on the sun. Combine that with insane drivers who speed up and drive as if it was dry conditions and you have many accidents and weather reports showing you how “slick” the roads are….

  2. You thought you could drive in Denver snow when you moved here…lol this Denver. We snow a lil different

  3. Thank God for the snow and all its moisture because we're really, really unusually dry and hot for February here in Southern California, and we've already had a couple of wildfires too, of which you there in Colorado know all to well is nothing to wish upon anyone.
    Praying that ALL of you there in Colorado will get a great snow pack season with NO snowbomb cyclones so that you won't have a drought this Summer.

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