How to Choose a Workers Compensation Lawyer

Missouri workers comp lawyer

If you are injured on the job, you may have a workers compensation claim. But settling your claim is not an easy process, and if you don’t know what you’re giving up or how much your claim is worth, you might end up making the wrong decision. In Missouri, a workers comp settlement is a voluntary exchange of a certain amount of money for some of your losses. Typically, this money will be paid out as a lump sum to the injured party.

Lear Werts

Lear Werts, LLP is a law firm that specializes in workers’ compensation cases throughout Missouri. Its attorneys are experienced in helping injured workers receive the benefits they deserve following a work-related accident. Our firm represents employees in all areas of Missouri who were injured on the job, including construction, warehouse, and other industrial accidents. Additionally, we represent employees whose employers fired them after filing workers’ compensation claims.

Our law firm is located in Columbia, Missouri, and we serve clients throughout the state of Missouri. We are located in Columbia, and our lawyers are experienced in workers’ compensation, personal injury, and other areas of law. Our attorneys are also experienced in handling commercial litigation, employment law, and other areas of law. In addition to helping injured employees obtain the benefits they need, we also represent clients in cases of professional malpractice, bankruptcy, and other legal matters.

Our team includes lawyers who are experienced in both state and federal courts. We focus on wage & hour, employment, and consumer cases. Todd Werts’ experience includes recovering unpaid wages and overtime pay for employees all across the country. Our firm also helps injured consumers recover unpaid wages. If you have suffered an injury due to your employer’s negligence, contact us today to learn how we can help you receive compensation and the benefits you deserve.

We are proud to work with Todd C. Werts, a member of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys and the American Association for Justice. Todd C. Werts is a Missouri worker’s compensation attorney. We are an established and respected Missouri firm. We are committed to the community and provide excellent service to our clients. Listed below are a few of our attorneys. They are experienced, professional, and highly responsive.

Lynn D. Barnett

If you are looking for a Missouri workers compensation attorney, Lynn D. Barnett is one of the best options. Barnett is a member of several bar associations, including the Missouri association of trial attorneys, and the workmen’s compensation committee. There are more than a million lawyers in the United States, so finding one who fits your needs and your budget is critical. Check to see if he has a free initial consultation and initial interview. Check out his or her reputation in the community, and ask for references.

Workers’ compensation law can be confusing, but fortunately, Lynn D. Barnett has been practicing law in St. Louis for over 46 years. He has handled thousands of cases, ranging from car accidents to slip and fall accidents to construction accidents, and even cases involving asbestos exposure. You won’t have to go it alone when you hire Barnett, because he will do everything possible to help you get the best possible outcome.

In Missouri, Lynn D. Barnett, LLC has offices in St. Louis and Wentzville. The firm’s partners have more than eight decades of experience, and they work with clients to obtain the best possible workers’ compensation benefits. The firm’s lawyers are committed to fighting for workers’ rights, and they also represent clients in workers’ compensation appeals. Their attorneys are members of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys and the American Association of Justice.

Attorney Darin Sorrell is a fourth generation St. Louis trial attorney and one of the premier Missouri workers compensation attorneys. He has helped numerous workers secure medical reimbursement and lost wages. He has been appointed to the Missouri Bar Association’s Lawyer-to-Lawyer Dispute Resolution Committee. Having a workers comp attorney on your side is a crucial step toward getting the compensation you need. But finding a qualified attorney can be difficult – and you should not settle for less than you deserve.

Khouri Law Firm

If you have suffered an injury at work, you need a lawyer who specializes in personal injury. The Khouri Law Firm, LLC in St. Louis, Missouri, handles cases involving car accidents, work-related injuries, and personal injury law. Reiad Khouri received the Academic Excellence Award for his Trial Advocacy class at Saint Louis University. He also earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Saint Louis University, where he double majored in Finance and Management Information Systems. In addition to focusing on workers’ compensation cases, he has worked for Deloitte & Touche and Ernst & Young. Reiad Khouri and his wife live in St. Louis with their three sons.

Unlike a civil lawsuit, a workers’ compensation claim is less confrontational, as there is no need to contact the employer or co-workers. The compensation process also includes non-economic elements, such as pain and suffering payments, which are awarded only when the worker’s injury is not due to the negligence of the employer. Pain and suffering payments are divided into two categories: physical discomfort and emotional misery.

In St. Louis, Khouri Law Firm is an excellent choice for a workers’ compensation lawyer. With more than four decades of experience, this firm provides legal counsel to injured workers in the St. Louis metro area. Their attorneys have recovered $50 million in benefits for injured workers. Their attorneys are members of the Missouri State Bar Association and National Trial Lawyers. The firm also offers free consultations to new clients.

Reiad Khouri is a Missouri workers compensation attorney. He is a former law clerk for Michael M. Mihm, who is now a United States District Court judge. Khouri’s focus on personal injury cases and commercial litigation while he served as a city counselor for Saint Louis. He also has experience handling civil and criminal cases. During law school, Reiad Khouri was an active member of the Missouri Bar Association.

Edelman Law Office

An Edelman Law Office, Missouri workers compensation attorney, provides legal representation and consultation for individuals and businesses involved in work-related accidents. They also represent clients in lawsuits against employers and their insurance companies. Edelman & Thompson is listed in the Better Business Bureau as a personal injury, labor relations, and trial attorney. They have received many positive reviews and are available for onsite or online consultations. To contact them, please visit their website for more information.

An experienced Missouri workers compensation attorney can provide information and guidance regarding all aspects of your claim. They will fight for your right to receive proper medical care, income, and benefits from your employer. They will work to ensure that you receive treatment for all your injuries – not just the ones accepted by your employer. Additionally, an experienced workers compensation attorney can help prevent the insurance carrier from harassing you or denying your claim. So, contact an Edelman Law Office, Missouri workers compensation lawyer today to get started on your claim!

Marshall R. Smith, Edelman Law Office, Missouri workers comp lawyer, has been practicing law for over 15 years. He earned his law degree from the University of Missouri and is a member of the Missouri Bar Workers’ Compensation Committee. He also holds a first degree black belt in Uechi-ryu karate. He has extensive experience in handling all kinds of workers’ compensation cases, including those involving car accidents and workplace injuries.

Brown & Crouppen LLP is located in Kansas City, Missouri. This firm specializes in workers’ compensation and represents injured workers throughout the state. The firm’s attorneys work with workers to get proper medical treatment and temporary total disability benefits. In addition to workers’ compensation cases, Brown & Crouppen also offers litigation services and has been named as a top lawyer in Missouri and Kansas. They have served many satisfied clients and are affiliated with the American Association of Justice.

Buchanan Williams & O’Brien, P.C.

With offices in Joplin, MO, and St. Louis, MO, Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien, P.C. is a great place to find a family-friendly divorce lawyer. Attorney Andrew Buchanan specializes in medical malpractice and personal injury. He also has experience in premise liability, product liability, and wrongful death. He also handles cases involving stockbrokers and employers, including wrongful discharge and discrimination.

Founded in Joplin, Missouri, Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien, PCC has expanded their practice to St. Louis and Carthage. The firm has over 40 years of combined experience. Attorney Andrew Buchanan joined the firm in St. Louis and focuses on medical malpractice, automobile accidents, basis liability, work accidents, and wrongful death. In addition to handling injury cases, Andrew Buchanan also has vast experience in stockbroker liability and traffic law.

Experienced attorneys have helped many people with their personal injury claims. The team at Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien, P.C. has over 35 years of combined experience and has received many high-profile honors. The firm is affordable, offers free consultations, and works on contingency. As a result, you can be assured of receiving the best possible service.