Icy roads lead to hundreds of crashes, 2 dead after exiting vehicles

Ice made for a treacherous and deadly commute across the Tri-State Area Wednesday, and two drivers were killed after officials say they exited their cars following a crash only to be struck by other vehicles that lost control at the same location.

There were hundreds of crashes from New Jersey to Westchester County, as freezing rain fell across the region, paralyzing traffic, suspending transit service, and delaying flights.

One fatality happened on westbound Route 3 near the Hackensack River Bridge in East Rutherford, while the second was on the ramp connecting the eastbound Cross County Parkway to the northbound Bronx River Parkway.

In both incidents, officials say the driver had spun out before exiting their respective vehicles. They were then struck by skidding vehicles that had lost control in the same spot.

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13 Replies to “Icy roads lead to hundreds of crashes, 2 dead after exiting vehicles”

  1. People themselves are responsible and also the problem at the same time. They got no brains and drive at same speed in such conditions like they drive in summers. it seems like they have no idea how it work or they are too robotic to understand basic stuff. the road says 100 , drive @130.

  2. Wow I drove up to Elmsford around 11: 30 then to whiteplains. Some reason, I was nervous today. And I’m a dam good experienced driver… I did see a couple exits blocked today.. but not that.. what was all this?

  3. Imprudent. Careless and stupid north east drivers.. They go out there speeding and driving like there is no snow or iced road to deal with. The counties and state authorities shall close the parkways and expressways to avoid these pill ups

  4. Some people don't realize weather like ice conditions is dangerous and if you still speeding,changing lanes,tailgating like it's nice weather and you get over, that might not work in icey conditions, dangerous stuff to do with ice. So slow down.

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