Reporter Hit By Car On Live TV Speaks To TODAY: 'Accidents Happen!'

Tori Yorgey was reporting in West Virginia when she was accidentally hit by an SUV during her live report. She joins TODAY to talk about how she is feeling now and what went through her mind in the seconds after the crash. “I thought I was going under the tire initially, so I was in a shock,” she tells Hoda Kotb.

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18 Replies to “Reporter Hit By Car On Live TV Speaks To TODAY: 'Accidents Happen!'”

  1. A good 'ol Old Fashioned REAR end collision lol. Glad she's ok, hope her "junk" in her "trunk" is ok 🤣

  2. Sounds fishy. Seems a bit staged and orchestrated. Wouldn’t be surprised as Some people do anything for publicity and fame. How convenient it was her last day at station

  3. So, by the "reasoning" of all the new, diverse and "progressive" judges, prosecutors, and district attorneys who seem to be quickly taking over America, whereby they are quickly turning it into a sh!thole, 3rd world nation where the corrupt gov't. enables and encourages the thriving of murderers and felons and thuggish criminals, and anti-social violent behavior, while conversely vilifying self-defense, self-preservation, and GOOD PEOPLE with strong moral codes and ethics…. by their logic, this woman driving the van who accidentally struck the news anchor should be charged and convicted of Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Or do they only do THAT to POLICE OFFICERS who are just trying to do their jobs????? Like when Ofc. Kim Potter accidentally shot and killed Daunte Wright. Apparently, culpable mental states don't matter anymore when "progressive" prosecutors are witch-hunting the likes of Ofc. Potter or Kyle Rittenhouse.

  4. Thank goodness she's fine… she's a sweet soul.
    This is a bigger issue that nobody's talking about. In all seriousness, so many reporters park on shoulders of the road… rushing to locations (often from their homes) independent, strong, like an indie guerilla film maker with their rogue tactics to get the good angle.. it's brave but dangerous. As a driver, it's also blinding.

  5. That’s awful I mean that is frightening the reporter could of died. Wth was the driver thinking shame on them.

  6. It was fake and staged. Pretty evident. It was clearly done for publicity.

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