Seconds to spare: LAPD rescues injured pilot before train crashes into plane

Dramatic body-worn camera video shows the rescue of an injured pilot just seconds before a train crashes into a plane in Pacoima.

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16 Replies to “Seconds to spare: LAPD rescues injured pilot before train crashes into plane”

  1. Defund the Police they said. πŸ˜‚ Hows that working out?
    Respect to all those in service. Thank you.


  3. The lady says, "I don't know why the train didn't stop". Really lady? Trains can't just stop on demand. The ignorance of some people πŸ˜–

  4. Im not sure what the lady exactly means by why did the train not stop because trains cannot ever stop fast, its like a semi's brakes going 80 but times it by 10 or 20. but with the plane being on the tracks for 20 mins? idk why it took as long as it did for help to arrive, or to even get word out the the tracks were a little occupied at the moment. Nonetheless a very lucky pilot. To have survived a emergency landing in a inhabited area as well as what looks to be downtown, with no reported injuries to others but clearly he was hurt, and to be saved in the nick of time, seconds before doom. Well done everyone, just try to not let pure luck step in as much as it did next time?

  5. Wow! Such bravery and strength dragging that guy to safety. Kudos to those officers and by standers.

  6. I like how we have people who hate cops passionately over a small handful of incidents that happened over the years. I wonder what they'd say if they saw this video…

  7. Just wait everyone, at some point in the future we’ll see one of these cops disciplined, fired or jailed for doing their job just like cops all across the country.

  8. People are such idiots; "I don't know why the train didn't stop?!". smh Our education system has just totally failed us on so many levels. Glad everyone is safe; talk about having a hell of a story to tell.

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